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Roerich Latest Products
1. International Consultancy Service
Are you interested in learning how your products would be received in the international arena?
Are you curious to learn about international negotiations and marketing strategies that have proven to be most successful for our clients?

We invite you to allow Roerich to conduct a thorough market analysis of your products and the competitive markets that they will be introduced into.

Our services provide in depth project management and thorough analysis designed to help you develop a winning international presence for your company and your products.

2. International Sales Department
Many businesses today would like to take part in the international arena and introduce their products, but most companies cannot afford an in-house international department.

By outsourcing your international department with Roerich you will save overhead dollars and gain our extensive sales and marketing experience to serve you in this manner. We will remain committed to your company’s needs. Your company and products will be added to our exclusive portfolio where it will be seen by many of the largest distributors around the world.

3. The confidentiality of the products and the pricing will be maintained.
We are also engaged in to API sourcing and marketing for all our partners worldwide in the International markets.

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